Friday, November 6, 2009

What Do You Get from a Glut of TV??

Sometimes life is so bizarre it even beats television. Of course, my life is like that on almost a daily basis, but this takes the cake.

So it's just a typical night. We're going to grab some Vietnamese food from the place around the corner. As I'm walking to the car I see a strange looking guy trying to flag down passing cars, and then he's pointing at the streetlight. Always the tolerant one, I'm thinking either the person is going to ask for money or kill us. So as we go to drive away, he waved and said there was an unconscious woman in a car parked across the street.

Now, maybe we watch too many crime shows and I read too many PI novels, but I was pretty much convinced this was a set up. We walk over to the car and there's a gray-haired woman passed out in the passenger's seat. I start to call 911 (I'm not one to get my hands dirty) and W goes over to check if the woman is alive. Again, there's a tiny piece of me wondering whether the guy who flagged us down didn't off the old woman, but maybe that was a recent episode of Criminal Minds.

W called her name and when he poked her, she shot up. She said she was just drunk and told us not to call the police, but of course, I was on the phone with them. I had to explain that the woman was just drunk and didn't need help. It turns out she was (perhaps) stalking her lover who lived in the neighborhood, as she told W "I cannot believe this is my life. I'm 64 years old and live in San Francisco, and here I am." (10 martinis or so later, I might add.) We reunited her with her "friend" and went on our way.

But now, a tasty bowl of pho later, come the questions we want answers to: Did she drive drunk to our neighborhood and then pass out? Did her boyfriend leave her drunk in the car to perhaps catch hypothermia? Does the course of love ever run smoothly, even for people in their 60s? (Clearly the question of "will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm 64" hits a little too close to home for this couple.)

Sadly, these questions won't get tidily wrapped up before the last commercial break. But so ends our good samaritan run for the month. Time to watch some manufactured drama on TV.

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