Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Review: The King of Infinite Space by Tyler Dilts

If you're a fan of the detective/PI-typed mystery, I highly recommend that you read Tyler Dilts' The King of Infinite Space. If you follow my book reviews, you know this is a genre I tend to read a lot of, so I'm pretty particular about this type of book. And after reading the entire book in a day (thanks, insomnia) I am shocked that this is Dilts' first book.

Beth Williams, an English teacher, is brutally murdered one night in her classroom. Long Beach Detective Danny Beckett and his partner, Jen Tanaka, begin investigating the crime that doesn't seem to have any suspects, until suddenly, a number of possible murderers materializes. Beckett and Tanaka try to figure out what happened to Beth while Beckett is struggling with his own personal demons, and Tanaka is trying to keep one of her martial arts students on the straight and narrow, which isn't proving too easy.

I really enjoyed the main characters in this book. The dialogue seemed authentic; sometimes books try to throw too many police procedural terms into the mix to prove their authenticity but wind up seeming fake. I worried that Beckett's personal issues might prove too overwhelming for the plot, but they served as an intriguing counterpoint to the action, and deepened the dimensions of the character. While ultimately I figured out who done it, it was tremendously interesting the way the discovery of the murderer unfolded. I hope Dilts intends to write more books, especially those featuring Beckett and Tanaka. Seriously, read this book.

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