Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rising Hope...

Sixty-nine days. A little more than two months, a period of time in which so much transpires. And yet 69 days was the length of time 33 miners remained trapped underground in Chile's San Jose Mine.

The one thing the miners never lost was their sense of hope. They believed, even in the darkest of times, that they would be rescued. And today, the rescue efforts began—as of this post, half of the miners have been pulled from the mine.

I'm not a particularly spiritual person, but this is definitely one of those instances in which a higher power was at work. One of the miners said that a white butterfly led them to the spot where they were rescued. And another said that there were 34 miners, not 33, since "the first miner was clearly God."

We live in a world in which tragedies are heard more often than victories, where sadness reigns the media waves stronger than happiness. But today, hope rose out of that mine.

And it will keep rising, until the last miner comes to the surface.

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