Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank Goodness for Interjections!

As your body grows bigger
Your mind grows flowered
It's great to learn
Cause knowledge is power!

It's Schoolhouse Rocky
That chip off the block
Of your favorite schoolhouse
Schoolhouse Rock!

Growing up, one of my most enduring memories from television was Schoolhouse Rock. Through animation and some of the catchiest songs ever, the series was able to teach children information about grammar, math, science, history, politics and economics.

The series originally ran from 1973-1985, and then was revived (with classic and new episodes) from 1993-1999. While so many of these episodes remain so vivid in my memory, none has stuck with me as closely as "Interjections."

I don't know why—although I certainly like to use interjections (mostly in expletive form) a great deal—but whenever I think Schoolhouse Rock I remember learning that an interjection is usually set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point (or with a comma when the feeling's not as strong).

Enjoy my favorite episode. What's yours?

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