Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes One Primal Scream is All You Need...

Today was a fairly crappy day. I've been struggling with some type of stomach bug for the last few days, and after eating mostly soup and saltine crackers, I'm kind of on edge.

Combine that with the stress of work, and you get a situation as volatile as Peter Brady's volcano demonstration for Marcia's friends. I'm not all that good with stress (I know that some of you are shocked by that confession), but I've discovered a pretty amazing panacea.

The primal scream.

While screaming briefly at the top of your lungs isn't tremendously appropriate in a professional situation (unless your professional situation involves loud music or a wrestling ring), it also works if you sit in your car for a minute or two, scream and then return to your desk. (It's also quicker and healthier than a cigarette break.)

If escaping the clutches of your office isn't a possibility, the virtual primal scream has also proven effective. On your computer, open up a blank document and type whatever you'd scream, in 48-point type or higher, and PRESTO!

Stress alleviated.

Try one or both of those remedies. If they help a stress junkie like me, they're sure to help you.

And you don't even have to thank me.

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