Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"American Idol" Shocker: Farewell to the "Gentle Giant"

According to multiple entertainment sources, American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones will be disqualified from the show tonight after it was discovered he concealed "multiple crimes" from the producers. Jones was reportedly charged with two crimes in 2011, one involving violence. In both arrests, Jones gave a fake name to police. He additionally did not reveal to producers that he has outstanding warrants.

The Hollywood Reporter's blog says that Jermaine's departure "will pan out in dramatic fashion on Wednesday night's broadcast." (Gross.)

You may recall from my recap of last week's results show that Jermaine was no longer living up to his "Gentle Giant" nickname bestowed upon him by Ryan and the judges. He visibly bristled after Randy's criticized part of his performance on Wednesday night, was angered by Jimmy Iovine's feedback on Thursday, and rejoiced a little too blatantly in front of soon-to-be-ousted Jeremy Rosado when Ryan revealed Jermaine was safe. These images are far from the sobbing mama's boy image the show was trying to put forward.

If the rumors are true (and they apparently were supported by Jones' own Twitter account for a while yesterday), it's certainly a sad end to the wild ride Jermaine has had. But even sadder, his "surprise" return to the top 13 kept someone else from getting another chance.

Oh well. Tonight it's "Songs from the Year You Were Born" night. Shannon is going to sing a song from 1996, y'all!

Dated music and drama...who could ask for anything more?

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