Saturday, April 20, 2013

They're not laughing AT him, they're, well...

There's no denying Ryan Lochte is a tremendously talented athlete, and his looks certainly don't hurt his appeal. Prior to and following his multi-medal performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics, he's been a fixture all over the media, showing up at events, making guest appearances on talk shows (without his shirt) and television shows like 90210, and he's even starting a fashion line.

In most of his interviews, Lochte comes across as a bit of a tool, much more enamored of hearing himself talk than hearing what others have to say. So it seems only natural that E! would offer him his own reality show, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, continuing the premise of following the lives of people who aren't particularly worthy of being followed.

When Lochte appeared on Good Morning Philly earlier this week to promote his show, he couldn't quite explain what the show was about, or why people would want to watch it. And following the somewhat interminable interview, the anchors absolutely lost themselves, not laughing with Lochte, but at him. I'm sure no one is pleased that this segment was filmed, and I'm sure the anchors had to be somewhat contrite after this clip has gone viral, but it's still funny to watch, especially if you think Lochte should just stick to the swimming pool. (Their reaction begins at 3:50.)

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