Friday, November 22, 2013

Remember these?

I'll admit it: I was a sucker for cassette tapes. Because my cars up until 2001 had only cassette players, I resisted buying a lot of CDs until it was difficult to get new music on cassette. (And then I had to buy blank tapes to record all of my CDs onto cassettes. Such fun.)

I used to constantly make mix tapes with different themes, and of course, the attempt to tape things off the radio was a constant battle. In the pre-Internet days you couldn't Google lyrics to figure out what song was playing, and you always had to wait with your finger on the pause button for the commercials to stop or for the DJ to stop talking. And then you had to be ready when the song ended, to hit pause again before the next song cut in. Good times.

Anyway, seeing these pictures totally brought me back to those days, when you'd share cassettes and write—in painstaking detail—what was on each one. Sometimes, if it was only one record or CD you taped, you'd photocopy the cover for the cassette case.

Man, I'm old. But hope you enjoy the nostalgia!

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