Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy National Cookie Day!!

I don't know whose brainchild the various daily celebrations of particular food or food groups are, but even though I rarely eat them anymore, I wholeheartedly support National Cookie Day. (Because, after all, "C" is for cookie, and that's good enough for me.)

Pondering the subject of cookies (I walked by a bakery on the way back from an errand), I started thinking about my favorite cookies through the years. While undoubtedly, I'm a fan of homemade cookies of all sorts, there are quite a few packaged cookies that have caught my fancy since childhood.

These include:

Fudge Stripes: I've always loved the perfect ratio of cookie to chocolate. And because they're not too sweet, they're easy to over-indulge on.

Nutter Butters: Peanut butter is my kryptonite. A sandwich cookie with peanut butter? Sign me up. (This is why my favorite Girl Scout cookies are Do-Si-Dos.)

Oreos: Sure the Double Stuff and the various chocolate-covered variations are yummy. (I recently heard about a peanut butter version but quickly sanitized my memory.) But give me plain old Oreos any day. And does anyone remember the imitation Oreos, Hydrox? (I remember kids being made fun of in elementary school if their chocolate sandwich cookies said Hydrox instead of Oreo. I grew up on the mean streets, y'all.)

Chips Ahoy: If you can't have homemade chocolate chip cookies—or even the slice and bake ones—Chips Ahoy are the next best thing. And again, I'm a bit of a cookie purist. You can keep your chewy versions and the ones with M&Ms or Reese's cup pieces. Give me my crunchy Chips Ahoy.

Basically any Pepperidge Farm cookie: The trademark white bags start me salivating. Whether it's the Milano, the Chessmen, or any of their special collection cookies, those devils at Pepperidge Farm know how to do cookies. Other than anything with jelly in it, I wouldn't turn one away. And Pepperidge Farm remembers...

And you? What were/are your favorite cookies? I could use a glass of milk, some cookies, and a nap about now...

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