Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book Review: "The Lonely Drop" by Vanessa North

So, I tried to find a way to best express how I felt about this story.

How can I effectively convey that I found this not only hot as hell
but that it also made me get all teary-eyed?

Well, when words fail me, I turn to Benedict Cumberbatch:

Kevin and Nick were practically inseparable best friends in college—soccer teammates and confidantes. The night of their college graduation, Kevin put the moves on Nick, and as much as Nick wanted him, he knew that for Kevin, there was no such thing as a relationship, just hook-ups. That's not what Nick wanted, especially from Kevin, so he walked away—from the encounter and their friendship.

Ten years later they run into each other unexpectedly. The chemistry, the feelings, it's all still there. Kevin makes it clear that he still wants Nick, and the feeling is mutual, but Nick is still convinced that all Kevin wants is something sexual. Should he just be happy to have Kevin's friendship again, or should Nick tell him how he feels, and risk it all?

"There's no dignity in love, Nick. It's messy and embarrassing and fantastic, but it sure as hell isn't dignified. What do you have to lose?"

When circumstances push them together, Nick must make a choice. And once he makes that choice, where does it leave them?

I'd never read anything by Vanessa North before, or anything specifically classified as M/M Romance, but I'd had a few friends recommend this pretty highly. And I can see why. Even though you know how the plot will probably unfold, in just a small number of pages, North has you rooting for Nick and Kevin, gets you emotionally invested in their story, and makes you want to smack them both in the head.

I really enjoyed this. For a longer short story, it had well-developed (pun sort of intended) characters, it tugged at my emotions, and there were a few pretty hot sex scenes, just to up the ante a bit. A total departure for me, but one I'm glad I took. If what I've described sounds like it might appeal to you, it's definitely worth it. And I know I'll be reading some more Vanessa North if there are more stories where this one came from!!

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