Monday, July 31, 2017

Book Review: "Shadow Ranch" by Robin Covington

Robin Covington's Shadow Ranch is a H-O-T story. But reading it made me blush like crazy. I don't embarrass too easily, and I don't have a problem with explicit sex scenes. It's something totally different than that.

You see, I've known Robin Covington long before she was Robin Covington, back when she was just a super-awesome, take-no-prisoners, smart, dynamic, funny friend with whom I attended middle school and high school. Imagine reading a sex scene when you keep thinking about the fact that it is written by someone who knew you when you were more awkward than you are now! Even in my own house, as I read the story, this was me:

Luckily, there was a good story to go along with the hot scenes, so my face didn't catch on fire!!

Eli Sutherland is an artist. He hasn't been back to his family's ranch, Shadow Ranch, in some time, not since his mother was convicted of killing his father there. But when his mother dies, and he needs to escape his life in Austin, he starts thinking about moving back home. It actually may be the perfect place to work on his art. And hide.

His remaining family isn't too happy that he has returned, nor is the man he paid to run the ranch, but he doesn't care. When he meets Shep Lockwood (how hot is that name?), a sexy Texas Ranger, he's even more convinced that he's making the right decision. But will the concussion he sustains when another murder is perpetrated at the ranch make him turn tail again? Or will Shep protect him, and help him figure out who is behind the trouble?

Despite knowing Robin as long as I have, I've never read anything of hers before, and I'll admit that I was drawn in partly because of the man on the cover. (Whatever.) Robin tells a great story, one without clichés, and all embarrassment aside, she can write a pretty steamy sex scene. (This is the second full-on M/M romance I've read, and both were written by women. I know some have a problem with women authors writing M/M stories, but if they're all as talented, I see no problem!)

If I had any criticism, it's that it was too short. I'd love to see these characters in something a little longer—I can't guarantee I won't get all bashful again, but it's worth the red face. And if you like this genre, your face may be red too, just from fanning yourself!

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