Thursday, January 20, 2011

How about a Little Personal Responsibility?

So did you hear the one about the woman who was texting and not watching where she was walking, so she fell into a fountain at a Pennsylvania shopping mall?

No, this isn't the lead-in to a joke, but a real situation. Here's the video from YouTube:

Cathy Cruz Marrero wasn't content to lick her wounds, dry herself off and move on, however. Apparently she's considering suing the mall because no one came to her aid. She told George Stephanopoulos in an interview on Good Morning America that she was texting with a friend from church and didn't realize the fountain was in front of her until she fell in. She did complain that there were no handrails to help her get out of the fountain. (Like there should be?)

Some reports say Marrero was due in court today on five felony counts including theft and deception; if that is true, you might wonder what type of schemes she has pulled before.

And if she is not guilty of these other crimes, what she is guilty of is a lack of personal responsibility. People in our society are far too quick to blame others for their problems—I didn't burn myself when I spilled my coffee because I was holding the cup wrong, McDonald's made the coffee too hot. I didn't gain weight because I eat twice the amount of calories recommended daily; I gained weight because Hostess makes their cakes so good. Really?

We are raising a society of people all too willing to shirk responsibility for their actions and misfortunes. Remind me of that the next time I fall into a fountain while texting...

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