Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winding Your Way Down on Baker Street...

Sad news came from the UK yesterday with the death of Gerry Rafferty. Probably best known for his 70s hit Baker Street, which very well might possess the greatest saxophone playing in a pop song ever, Rafferty had been fighting cancer for some time.

While some may have thought of him as a one-hit wonder, Rafferty started out as part of the band Stealers Wheel, which hit it big with Stuck in the Middle with You, and then also had hits with Right Down the Line and Night Owl.

But it is Baker Street for which he will forever be known, a song that definitely resides among my favorite songs of all time and never fails to take me back to the 1970s every time I hear it.

RIP, Gerry Rafferty. Songs like yours don't come along every day, or every year.

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