Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Said I Don't Like Movie Remakes, But...

I know in my blog post yesterday, I gave a little harangue on movie remakes and sequels. And while I generally don't like those, I will admit I'm a big fan of cover songs and remakes. No matter how much I like a song, another artist's version always brings something different—and sometimes I like the remake more than the original!

One of my favorite 80s songs, Come On Eileen (originally recorded by one-hit wonder Dexy's Midnight Runners), has gotten a little country-fried treatment, with a recent live performance of the song by Sugarland and Sara Bareilles. (Sugarland is a big fan of covering 80s songs while on tour—along with Little Big Town and Jake Owen they did a great version of Dream Academy's Life in a Northern Town, and tackled Madonna's Like a Prayer with Little Big Town as well.)

Check it out below. If you're an 80s purist you might not be impressed, but I really enjoyed it.

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