Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review: "Thick as Thieves" by Peter Spiegelman

A good crime novel keeps you guessing, keeps you questioning everything you read and wondering when the twists are going to come. And even better, a good crime novel delivers on the guesswork, leaves you wondering how you didn't see some of the twists coming, even if you might not be exactly happy with the ultimate outcome of the book. Peter Spiegelman's Thick as Thieves is definitely a good crime novel.

Carr is the leader of a group of thieves planning a gigantic heist, involving money laundering, diamonds, financial espionage, and extortion, which unfolds across Miami, Mexico, and Grand Cayman. The ultimate payoff of this heist will allow each of them to be set for the rest of their lives—if they don't kill each other or walk away from the person bankrolling the operation first. While Carr's crew are all professional thieves, they are still reeling from the after-effects of an operation gone wrong several months ago, which claimed the life of their original leader, Declan, the man who brought Carr into the crew in the first place. No one knows exactly who to trust, and several of Carr's cohorts aren't quite sure that he's the one to lead them if the going gets tough. And Carr, juggling a personal crisis on top of bewildering uncertainty about who to trust, just wants to finish things once and for all.

Spiegelman has significant experience in the financial industry, so he brings a great deal of detail and authenticity to the plot. The action truly crackles—so often I found myself reluctant to put the book down because I was completely wrapped up in the story. The characters are fascinating; some surprise you even after you think you know how they'll act or what type of person they are. My only criticism is that sometimes there is so much going on I found certain moments difficult to follow, so I wound up re-reading a few passages. But then I caught some nuance I missed previously, so I don't consider that a bad thing. Thick as Thieves is a book that will keep you guessing while it hooks you completely. Definitely a great read.

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