Saturday, February 27, 2010

Book Review: "The Bricklayer" by Noah Boyd

If you're looking for a thriller-type of book with lots of twists and turns, here's one for you. Noah Boyd, who wrote The Bricklayer, is a former FBI agent, and he has imbued the book with lots of insider details and verbiage that makes the story seem very authentic, even if the whole thing is a little far-fetched. (And not in a bad way.)

Steve Vail is a former FBI agent (had a little trouble with authority) now working as—I bet you guessed—a bricklayer. He comes back to the FBI's attention when he foils a bank robbery, and soon the Bureau seeks out Vail's help in tracking down a group that has called themselves the Rubaco Pentad (for Ruby Ridge and Waco), which has targeted the FBI, committing murders and making demands for significant money, only to sabotage the money deliveries. Vail is aided by Kate Bannon, an FBI deputy assistant director torn between being intrigued by him and preserving her job. The book keeps the twists coming, and while the final results may not be a complete surprise, the way the story reaches its conclusion is very satisfying. Will be a fun beach read for those who like thrillers with their sand and sun.

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