Thursday, May 9, 2013

Celebrating all moms...

As Mother's Day approaches it's an opportunity to celebrate all those amazing women who are mothers, as well as those who play that role. Thank you for the sacrifices you make on a daily basis and the love you give us.

The May 13 cover of The New Yorker salutes the growing number of gay parents in its Mother's Day tribute, and while some may say—and have said—it's just another example of a liberal magazine upholding a liberal agenda, I think it's beautiful to recognize it takes all types of people to be mothers, whether biologically or simply through love and nurturing.

As I salute my mother, grandmothers, sister, mother-in-law, sisters-in law, and all of those among my family and friends who deserve to be recognized every day, and send strength to those who have lost their mothers, I thought I'd take this trip down memory lane, courtesy of a 1970s-era television commercial from Bell System (the telephone company back in the day). And I called, "Just because I love you, mom."

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