Saturday, May 1, 2010

God Bless YouTube...

YouTube, and other sites like Hulu, have really changed the way many of us look at the world. It's refreshing to know that if I missed a great performance on American Idol, a comedian's memorable monologue or a celebrity meltdown, I can often find it online the next day. And when I'm feeling nostalgic for, let's say, theme songs from television shows of the 1970s and 1980s, I can find nearly all of them, right there. (Except for One in a Million starring Shirley Hemphill, Shirley of What's Happening fame. That one can't be found.)

But what I also enjoy about YouTube are the glimpses into everyday people's lives, as they sing along with or dance to their favorite songs (bless you, Shane Mercado) or pursue their quest to become internet celebrities.

Two recent videos I've enjoyed include the University of Oregon's all-male acapella group, On the Rocks, with their rendition of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance:

and even more amusing, a group of US Air Force Academy cadets performing a dance(?) routine to Ke$ha's song Tik Tok:


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