Friday, June 10, 2022

Book Review: "Everything for You" by Chloe Liese

It’s like this book was written for me, I loved it so much.

Chloe Liese, I don’t know what took me so long to read one of your books, but now you’ve hooked me. I need to go back and read about all of the Bergmans!!

Oliver Bergman is the youngest of five brothers and the sixth of seven children, so he’s tried to excel at everything he does. An excellent soccer player, he left college to turn pro and join the LA Galaxy.

When he first joins the team, he’s beyond excited to be playing with Gavin Hayes, a soccer legend who was Oliver’s teenage obsession. He also admired that Gavin is openly gay, which gave him the courage to be open in his own life. But for the last two years, Gavin has rebuffed him at every turn, treating him with outright disdain.

When their coach makes them both co-captains, Oliver hopes it will be the start of a friendship. But Gavin isn’t willing to budge, no matter what Oliver tries—kindness, pranks, outright hostility. So their coach gives them an ultimatum: get along or lose their co-captaincy.

The two vow to be civil to one another, but the more they work together, the more they are forced to acknowledge their intense feelings for one another. Gavin, in particular, knows his career is nearing the end, and he worries if he gives into his feelings for Oliver, will he resent all that Oliver has left in his career? Or worse, will Oliver leave him behind?

This book had it all—enemies to lovers, family dynamics, emotional and physical challenges, and steamy sex. I was hooked completely—I’m a sucker for a sports romance!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Book Review: "Nate Plus One" by Kevin van Whye

Looking for a sweet, friends-to lovers rom-com? What about Nate Plus One?

Nate was a fan of Jai’s band before he knew who Jai was. Now they’re best friends, and Jai helped Nate through heartbreak when his boyfriend ghosted him.

But lately, Nate can’t seem to get Jai out of his mind. He finds himself thinking about what it would be like to date him, but he’s afraid telling Jai how he feels might ruin their friendship. So when Jai’s band loses its lead singer as they’re prepping for a huge competition, Nate agrees to sing for the band, even though stage fright has kept him more behind the scenes than in the spotlight.

Nate is getting ready to go to South Africa for his cousin’s wedding. He’s excited to spend time where his late father grew up. But when he finds out that his ex-boyfriend is going to be at the wedding, he doesn’t think he can handle that alone, so Jai agrees to be his plus-one.

South Africa is amazing, and Nate and Jai keep getting closer and closer. Should Nate tell Jai how he feels and risk their friendship? And will Nate’s ex complicate things further?

I really enjoyed this. It was great to have main characters of color where there wasn’t crazy crises or racism, and South Africa was a terrific setting. Sure, it was predictable, but that was part of its charm!

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Random House for the advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review!

Book Review: "The Lies I Tell" by Julie Clark

Tense and twisty, The Lies I Tell got me thinking.

“I spend hundreds of hours on observation and research….When I’m done, I know everything I possibly can about you, and most of the people around you. By the time you’re saying nice to meet you, I’ve already known you for months. Does this worry you? It should.”

She’s been Meg, Maggie, Margaret, Melody. She’s been a college student, a life coach, a real estate agent. Over the years, Meg has perfected the art of the con. She knows how to get what she needs and disappear before she gets caught.

Kat's life was upended 10 years ago, and she’s always blamed Meg. And when Meg comes back into her orbit, she’s determined to expose her for what she’s done. But as they draw closer, she doesn’t know what to believe about Meg. What is her end game this time? Whom has she targeted? And is she going to get the best of Kat again?

I found this absolutely fascinating and compelling. I loved Julie Clark’s last book, The Last Flight, and this has cemented her as an auto-buy author for me. There were twists I anticipated and twists I didn’t, and in the end, the book definitely surprised me a bit. Meg and Kat were fascinating characters.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Landmark for an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review! The book will publish 6/21.