Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stuff That Irritated Me Today...

Some might say that I'm never completely happy (reasonably untrue), but two things occurred today that left me irritated and a little depressed.

First, the horrible Fred Phelps and his awful Westboro Baptist Church announced their plans to picket at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral. A statement on the church's web site read "God hates Elizabeth Edwards. Flee her example."

Are you f--king kidding me? I know Phelps and his church are simply publicity-seeking leeches, but what is the point of protesting at Edwards' funeral? I thought when they protested at the Iraqi soldier's funeral that they had scraped the bottom of the barrel, but it appears they still had lower to go.

I know the Supreme Court has upheld Phelps' right to hold these demonstrations outside funerals as part of their freedom of speech. Honestly, I cannot believe that our founding fathers imagined this type of behavior when they protected freedom of speech. And I do not understand how the Supreme Court believes that hatemongers have the right to protest outside people's funerals but most people believe they'll vote against legalizing gay marriage if the decision came before them. Sigh.

And then, later in the day, the Senate failed to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Despite the fact that the Pentagon study found a majority of troops don't have a problem serving with openly gay soldiers, and a majority of people have said they believe Don't Ask, Don't Tell should be repealed, the Senate believes fighting over procedural votes is more important than equality.

I am so tired of the closed-minded people in this country continuing to win because they protest the loudest. I am so tired of basic equal rights being put to a vote by a less-than-diverse group of people. Although there are a few senators rumored to be gay, not one is openly so; why do non-gay people get to vote on the rights of gay people?

In a surprising twist given his usual cantankerous behavior, Senator Joe Lieberman has vowed to bring a stand-alone Don't Ask, Don't Tell bill before the Senate before the winter recess begins, and rumor has it that this bill may have the votes it needs to pass. Whether this will actually happen, and if it does, whether the House will be willing to consider such legislation as well, remains to be seen. I won't hold my breath just yet...

Is it the weekend yet? Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...

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