Friday, February 28, 2014

AI Results Recap: Someday You'll Find It, The Emotional Connection...

The best way to watch one of these results shows is when it has been recorded, so you can fast forward through all of the unnecessary banter and artificial tension. I mean, I know at some point I'll be frustrated, so why postpone the inevitable.

The show started with a surprisingly decent group medley of Counting Stars by OneRepublic and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Even with Ben's ridiculously annoying tomfoolery (because I'm like, you know, 100 years old) and Kristen showing more energy in the two solo lines she sang than any of her performances the last two weeks, their voices blended very well.

Apparently there were 71 million votes cast. Of course, I can only wonder how many of those votes actually happened after particular contestants performed. Because given some of the people who were safe, I can only figure they survived because of rabid fan bases.

The first group to hear the results were Malaya, Jena, Ben, and Alex. Again, I'll reiterate how much I hate that they constantly make these contestants walk thru the audience so they can high-five folks as they're going to hear results. To the surprise of no one, Malaya was sent to the stools of doom. Oh, wait, apparently Jennifer was surprised. She said she was upset Malaya was in the bottom three because although her performance "didn't show who she was" (among other things), "she belongs here."

Last year's champ, Candice Glover, came back to perform a medley of two of her songs, Cried and Some Kind of Man. She sounded great but she doesn't have a tremendous amount of stage presence. It's a shame given how talented she is that her album had the lowest sales of any Idol winner to date (even Taylor Hicks and Lee DeWyze).

Next up for the results, MK, Sam, Majesty and Dexter. In my opinion, Dexter should have been the one in the bottom three, but of course not! He's likeable and he's from the South! Instead, MK was sent to the stools of doom. And if that didn't make me irate enough, when Keith was asked what MK would need to do if she came back next week, and he said, "It needs to be about the emotional connection. It's not about vocal skills." And there you have it.

This season each of the judges and Randy will play "tastemaker" and highlight an up and coming artist. Keith introduced Jake Bugg, a 17-year-old English country singer who sounds a lot like Josiah Leming did when he was on the show (although Bugg's accent is authentic). The "rawr" quality of his voice didn't translate for me, Keith.

Of the last group of contestants—C.J., Kristen, Caleb, Jessica and Emily—it seemed fairly obvious who was headed for the stools. And I was correct, the beautiful disaster herself, Kristen was told she was in the bottom three.

So unless anything changes, it looks like the ladies may be doomed again this season. (It's sad that the only way this show can guarantee a female winner is to stack the deck.) This year the judges' save will expire at the top 6. Will they use it?

MK was sent to safety first. When Ryan asked Kristen what she'd do if she was back next week, she said show an iota of energy"try and be more myself." Malaya was asked if she'd bring back the piano, where she had success in Hollywood, and she said she might, but she also said, "I'll try and calm down." (Don't go breaking my heart, Malaya.)

Kristen was given the bad news that she'd have to sing for her life. She chose to reprise her rendition of Turning Tables from "Rush Week," and it was just a wee bit wobbly. Harry explained that the key to using the save was that it had to be a unanimous decision among the judges to use it, and the judges couldn't agree, so Kristen is the first person voted off the islandwell, you know.

After the montage of her experience (accompanied by Kristen's own rendition of Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway), her picture in a row of pictures of each of the top 13 was darkened, Hunger Games-style. I'm surprised they didn't shoot off a cannon.

And there you have it. Next week, the theme is "Home." Whatever that means. I'm guessing Caleb may sing Home Sweet Home and perhaps Dexter or C.J. can sing Sweet Home Alabama?

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