Thursday, August 29, 2019

Book Review: "You've Been Volunteered" by Laurie Gelman

Jen Dixon from Laurie Gelman’s first book, Class Mom, returns for another year as class mom, this time for her son’s third-grade class.⁣

⁣ With Jen as class mom you may not get satisfying answers to all of your questions, and you may get smart-ass replies, but you know her heart is (mostly) in it. And although the PTA president doesn’t always agree with Jen’s communication style, she knows she can count on Jen to do what must be done—even handle the safety patrol.⁣

⁣ When she’s not sending out snarky reminders about permission slips, seeking volunteers for class trips, or haranguing parents about what they need to bring for parties, she’s got more than enough to deal with in her own family. Whether it’s dealing with her son’s suddenly snarky behavior, having to navigate her husband’s increased financial anxiety, or figuring out what’s going on with her two older daughters, Jen’s in-your-face style will get her through—or she’ll fall on her sword.⁣

⁣ This was an enjoyable, amusing book. I chuckled more than laughed out loud, and again, I wondered whether Jen’s behavior would actually fly at a real school. Regardless, Gelman writes in an easy, approachable style, one which engaged me from start to finish.⁣

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