Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Book Review: "More Than Maybe" by Erin Hahn

More Than Maybe, Erin Hahn's upcoming book, is a terrific story about music, love, family, and the freedom to follow—or not follow—your passions.

Vada has had a crush on Luke Greenly for a while. It’s not just his accent (his family moved to Michigan from the UK when he was younger) or his looks; it’s his soulfulness, his personality, and of course, the passion for music they share.

Luke has always been partial to gingers so of course Vada catches his eye every time he and his brother record their podcast at the bar where she works. But Vada’s passion for music—her music blog is one of Luke’s obsessions—fuels his crush on her.

The two pair up for a senior assignment and they learn more about each other’s vulnerabilities and ambitions, and try to fight the undeniable chemistry between them. Vada wants to be a music journalist and Luke wants to write music—but not sing it—despite his musician father’s desire that Luke pursue stardom he could so obviously achieve.

When Luke’s brother secretly releases a recording of Luke singing a love song he wrote, it sets off a ton of ripples that affect everyone. And Vada isn’t (too) embarrassed to admit she wishes he was singing to her.

While the book took a little bit to hit its groove, I really loved it. These characters were just so appealing and weren’t overly erudite or sarcastic so they felt very real to me. I read this until late the other night and was totally choking up in the dark. (I'm a sap, so whatever.)

I love the way Erin Hahn writes. Her first book, You’d Be Mine, was amazing, too. (Loved the mentions of that book in this one!) If you love books about music and love, here’s one for you!!

NetGalley and Wednesday Books provided me with an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!!

The book publishes July 21.

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