Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Book Review: "Under Red Sky: The Chief" by J Calamy

This thriller was action-packed and steamy!!

One of the things I love about Bookstagram is being introduced to books and authors I might not have heard of otherwise. I’m grateful not only for recommendations from friends but also from tours I’ve been fortunate to participate on.

Earlier this year I partnered with Pride Book Tours to read The Boss, by J Calamy. It was a great book, complete with action, intrigue, and lots of steamy romance. The second book in Calamy’s Under Red Sky series, The Chief, was just released and it’s another page-turner that got my pulse racing because of the suspense and the steam.

Natalie has one more assignment before she retires from her career as a counterterrorism agent. She’s posted to Sri Lanka and the beach is the perfect setting for a hot hookup with a sexy, bisexual surfer. And wouldn’t you know it? He’s her final assignment.

Alex is a money launderer for Red Sky, the behemoth crime syndicate in Southeast Asia. He wants out but he sees it as the best way to raise his younger brother, plus he’s loyal to the boss of Red Sky. But the deeper he gets in with Natalie, he’s torn about what to do.

Natalie has had a stellar career of following orders. But her connection with Alex makes her question her job for the first time, and the more she discovers what the powers that be have in store for Red Sky, the more she realizes she may have to turn her back on everything she’s held dear for someone she hopes she can trust.

I really got into this story and the steam factor is πŸ”₯!! I definitely recommend this series if you like a mix of intrigue, crime, and hotness.

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