Friday, April 15, 2022

Book Review: "Cover Story" by Susan Rigetti

When it seems too good to be true…it usually is.

Lora wants nothing more than to work at ELLE magazine. She dreams of being editor someday, but now she’ll settle for an internship. And although being assigned to the beauty closet isn’t quite the glamorous experience she had imagined, she’s still excited to be part of the magazine, and on her off days, is determined to write short stories worth publishing.

While interning, Lora meets Cat Wolff, a contributing editor to the magazine and the daughter of a clean-energy magnate. Cat is enigmatic, charismatic, and befriends Lora, seeking her help on some projects. And when her internship ends, Cat convinces Lora to drop out of NYU (she couldn’t afford to go anyway) and work full-time as her ghostwriter.

Lora spends nearly every day at Cat’s luxurious suite at The Plaza Hotel, where she’s been living for years. But Cat can’t pay Lora until they get an advance on a book deal, so she suggests Lora live with her in the hotel. It’s an exciting life yet Cat is mercurial, and there are secrets Lora can’t quite figure out. And little by little, she starts to discover that Cat isn’t quite who she said she was—but who is she, really?

This was a wild, twisty story about a young woman caught in the middle of a situation she doesn’t understand. The story is told in diary entries, emails, FBI correspondence, and news articles. I was totally hooked on this one!!

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