Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Book Review: "Just My Type" by Falon Ballard

The latest from Falon Ballard is a fun, sexy, and emotional rom-com about second chances and finding yourself first.

Lana is an excellent girlfriend. Parents always love her, and she’s so good at putting her boyfriends’ needs over her own. Ever since her high school boyfriend broke up with her in college, she’s never been good at being alone, so she quickly moves from relationship to relationship.

When her most recent relationship ends with her getting dumped instead of being proposed to (and it’s not the first time that’s happened), she realizes maybe she should take some time for herself before dating again. And then he arrives: Seth, her high school boyfriend, who has been traveling the world as a journalist, and who broke Lana’s heart—twice.

It turns out Seth will be working temporarily at the website where Lana has been working since college. (Why does he look even more amazing now?) With the chemistry and unresolved issues between them off the charts, Lana’s boss pits them against each other in a competition: Lana has to write about coming to terms with being single (and staying single), while Seth has to put down roots and try finding a relationship. The winner will get a coveted columnist job.

Each has to do—and write about—things chosen by the other. And as they try to deal with their own issues, their past keeps getting in the way. Will the competition ruin any possible chance for a future together?

I thought this was great! It’s a little more emotionally and psychologically weighty than most rom-coms, but the banter, steam, and supporting characters were fantastic!! This is why Ballard is an auto-buy author for me.

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