Monday, April 15, 2024

Book Review: "Until Next Summer" by Ali Brady

Summer camp is a part of my soul. For 10 summers I went to a sleepaway camp up in the Catskills Mountains, as a camper, counselor, and group leader. I’m still close with people I met all those years ago, still remember all of the camp songs, and have some pretty amazing memories.

With that background in mind, I am Jessie, the main character in Ali Brady’s newest book. Jessie first attended Camp Chickawah when she was young, and it was the best part of her life. (Some may call it "Chick-amazing.") She lived 10 months of the year for the 2 months she would get to go to camp.

Jessie and her best friend from camp, Hillary, planned on becoming counselors together, but when Hillary backed out to take an internship, their friendship ended. But Jessie kept on going and is now the director of the place she loves so much.

When the camp owners tell Jessie they plan to sell, she is devastated. This is her home, her life. So she decides that for the last summer, she’ll invite all past campers to experience the camp once again, yet as adults. Hillary is one who returns for the last summer. She hopes to rebuild her friendship with Jessie and in the process, learn about what’s been missing in her life.

I absolutely loved this book. It captured my heart from page 1 and never let go. It’s sweet and funny and pretty steamy in places, and just amazing!!

Thanks to the authors for the traveling ARC!! The book publishes 7/9. #greenteam

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