Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'll Take "Sixth Time's the Charm" for $400, Alex...

I'm a trivia junkie. As I've commented previously, for some reason I can't remember where I put my car keys on a daily basis yet I have a fairly good grasp on classic sitcoms, state nicknames and other obscure facts. And I nourish that obsession by watching Jeopardy on a daily basis and dreaming of the day when I can tell Alex Trebek I'd like to make it a daily double.

But I'm not content to just dream about it. I've tried to have some control over my own destiny, having taken the Jeopardy quiz five times.

However, it's not all about knowledge of rivers, children's literature or holidays and observances that gets you face to face with Mr. Trebek. You see, once you pass the online test, you get put into a drawing with everyone else who passed. And only if you get selected in the drawing can you move forward and get an audition. Therein lies the challenge: if I was the only one entered into a drawing, I still wouldn't win.

There's no pessimism here. In addition to taking the Jeopardy quiz five times, I qualified for Who Wants to be a Millionaire eight times. What was the next round of that process? The drawing.

I'm taking the quiz again tonight. Of course, I'm hoping my recall of the Old Testament, biology and opera will sustain me, but more than that, I'm hoping at least to get past the drawing this time. It's ok if I don't ultimately hear my name announced on television or get the chance to "write" my name in funky letters. I'd just like the chance to succeed or fail completely on my own merits, and leave the luck of luck off the table, just this once.

Or maybe I'll switch to Wheel of Fortune. I'm good with puzzles.

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