Monday, January 4, 2010

Is That a Gun in Your Locker, Gilbert, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

It doesn't get much better than this.

Just before Christmas, Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas took four unloaded guns from his locker at the Verizon Center. Now, despite stories to the contrary which claimed Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton drew guns on each other after a dispute over card-playing gambling debts, Arenas has a perfectly plausible explanation for taking four guns out of his locker.

He was joking.

Arenas said the guns were part of a "misguided effort to play a joke" on Crittenton. (For me, two guns would have been funny, but four guns? Overkill.)

Never mind the fact that the NBA has a rule that says players are subject to discipline if they bring guns to the arena or practice facility. (And is anyone else troubled by the fact that the NBA had enact this rule in the first place?)

Oh, and never mind the fact that Arenas makes more per year than teachers, nurses or even policemen can hope to in their lifetimes.

How long do we just shrug off these actions by professional athletes as if it's harmless behavior of children? Basketball is entertaining but these athletes don't perform a public service or change the world, so why are they above the law?

Of course, the cynic in me isn't surprised. But I do know I'll stay away from Gilbert Arenas on April Fool's Day...who knows what I'd find?

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