Monday, April 26, 2010

You Ain't Seen Nothing Like the Mighty Quinn...

As I mentioned in a previous post, a little over a month ago, we brought home a new puppy, a golden/lab mix we named Quinn. It was, at that point, three months after our dog Zeke died, and nearly 16 years after the last time I had a puppy! Needless to say, this little dog has put us through our paces, and while doing so, totally captured our hearts.

As with raising an infant, raising Quinn has led to many a night of little sleep, cleaning up a lot of messes (she's perfectly paper trained but is too interested in looking at the world to actually go to the bathroom outside) and teething. And while she is about as energetic as any four-month-old puppy is, she also is tremendously affectionate, loves cuddling (sometimes) and has proven adept at playing soccer with tennis balls, batting one around with her front paws while holding another in her mouth!

Interestingly enough, Quinn was born on December 30, six days after we had to put our beloved Zeke to sleep. And while I don't really believe in reincarnation, I honestly believe that Zeke (or at least a part of his spirit) is alive inside of Quinn, which is more comforting than I could ever imagine. Both dogs share the same love of sleeping in sunbeams and hurtling down the stairs like a cannonball, and both have a tremendous will of their own (read: stubborn).

While we both might have wondered for a few sleepless, crazy days whether we were ready for another dog, I can say equivocally: we were and are ready for The Mighty Quinn. Where will she take us? Who can say?

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