Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yeah, I'm Back...

You know when you don't go to the gym for a few weeks because your life has been totally out-of-control? You know you need to go, and you feel guilty every day you miss, but it gets a little harder and harder every day to motivate yourself just to get back on that horse?

Well, I've been good about the gym but bad about the blog. I've been traveling a lot for business again and work has been totally insane, but also since Quinn came along (and more on that later), there has been precious little time for creative outlets—I've barely had the opportunity to read, and you know how much I like to do that!

A much wiser person than me recently said of his own blog that in order to get more people to read it, you need to regularly add content, even if it's just a paragraph or two. And this much wiser person is an emergency room physician, so if he can blog on a daily basis, who am I to complain of a lack of time?

So, mea culpa. And I'll be back for good, for the most part...

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