Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Are People So Afraid Of?

It was never my intention to make this a gay blog per se, although certainly I'm affected by what happens in the gay community. Sadly, I could write at least one post every day that discusses some lawmaker somewhere in the world trying to take equality away, but I try just to stick with the "big stuff."

On Wednesday, a Utah legislator introduced a bill would require all publicly funded programs, laws, and regulations, to ensure they exclude families headed by gay and lesbian couples. Rep. LaVar Christensen said that "marriage and family predate all governments and are supported by and consistent with the Laws of Nature and God, the Creator and Supreme Judge of the World, affirmed in the nation’s founding Declaration of Independence." It also says, "families anchored by both a father and a mother, fidelity within marriage, and enduring devotion to the covenants and responsibilities of marriage are the desired norm."

Whether or not a bill like this will pass even the conservative Utah state legislature doesn't matter. I just don't understand conservatives' obsession with taking rights away from gay people. You don't see openly gay legislators taking rights away from heterosexual people, do you?

In the end, however, what I can't get past is what are these lawmakers so afraid of?

You can't turn gay, so why is there so much need to curtail gay people from being an equal part of our society when they're expected to pay the same taxes as straight people?

Sadly, there are no answers to those questions, except hatred and ignorance. We can only hope both will change over time, but the road gets harder and harder to walk every day.

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