Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Culinary Nostalgia...

On the way back from a tremendously quick trip to New Jersey this weekend, we stopped at a McDonald's off of Route 95, just over the Delaware border. (Don't even get me started on how much ridiculous construction-related traffic Delaware has.)

For some reason, as I was eating my lunch, I started thinking about the McDonaldland Cookies they used to sell. They were similar to animal crackers but shaped like the McDonald's characters they used to use in promotions and products—Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, Fry Guys and, of course, Grimace.

Were they the freshest cookies? Not always. But they had a good crunch and weren't too sweet. And then they fell victim to the repositioning of their products, as McDonald's began offering "fresh-baked" cookies instead of the boxed kind.

Once my mind started reminiscing over the good-old-days of McDonaldland Cookies, I began thinking about candy from my childhood that they don't make any more (or at least things that are more difficult to find). Things like:

Marathon Candy Bar

Wax Candy Bottles (the liquid was sometimes too sweet but they totally take me back)

Razzles (first it's a candy, then it's a gum)

Sugar Daddies (no comment, peanut gallery)

There are more, of course, but these popped in my mind first.

How about you? What candies or foods of your childhood do you get nostalgic for?

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