Wednesday, July 25, 2012

They're not laughing at you, they're, well...

I can attest to the value of Twitter as a place to share thoughts, inspiration, blog posts, and amusing things with my followers (and read the same from those I follow).

Twitter is also a really awesome place to rant about everything that bothers me, which can often be a pretty large list. Whether it's people who polish their nails or talk on their cell phones during a movie, cut me off in traffic, talk on their cell phone in a public restroom, or that annoying colleague who forgets to fill the ice cube trays, Twitter is always there for me.

As you might imagine, celebrities are often the target of a great deal of abuse on Twitter, too. And as Jimmy Kimmel demonstrated on his show the other night, some of the things people say can be both funny and insulting.

He asked several celebrities to read some of the tweets written about them. You don't realize how mean some of the things are until you see the actual person about whom the tweet was written read it aloud. (Granted, some of them are still funny, but...)

Caution: this video contains language not suitable if you're watching at work, with small children, or if you're easily offended.

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