Sunday, November 8, 2020

Book Review: "A Very Punchable Face" by Colin Jost

A Very Punchable Face, Colin Jost's memoir, is both funny and introspective.

I don’t read a lot of memoirs, particularly those written by celebrities, but when I was in the airport the other day looking for a backup book for a cross-country flight, I saw Colin Jost’s face staring at me and I decided to pick this one up. While I watch Saturday Night Live rarely, I do enjoy the "Weekend Update" segment that Jost does with Michael Che. I also think he and Scarlett Johansson make a great couple. (Plus, I will admit that his face may be punchable, it’s also handsome.)

In this memoir, Jost touches on many different aspects of his life. He recounts his childhood growing up in Staten Island and his immensely accident-prone nature (he’s had numerous stitches and broken bones). Of course, the bulk of the book follows the trajectory of his comedy career, from writing for the Harvard Lampoon to his 15 years (and counting) with SNL.

While most of the book is told in a sarcastic and self-deprecating style, there are times when Jost is surprisingly sensitive and introspective, including a chapter about his mother and her activities during 9/11. Don't go looking for gossip about SNL or his relationship with Johansson, though; this is more a recounting of events and his feelings about them than a tell-all.

A Very Punchable Face was a very enjoyable read. It’s not shocking or mean-spirited; it’s just as fun as Jost appears to be. And that hit the spot!

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