Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Book Review: "The Survivors" by Jane Harper

The Survivors is a slow-burn mystery filled with unresolved guilt and old secrets and lies.

Twelve years ago, Kieran’s error in judgment led to a tragedy which rocked his small Australian coastal town. He still lives with the guilt of what occurred that fateful day, which had ramifications for several families, including his own.

When Kieran returns for a rare visit to his parents, along with his girlfriend and their young daughter, he is struck by how bad his father’s dementia has gotten and how much his mother is overcompensating. And when a crime occurs, it sets off a cascade of events, revealing secrets long hidden and uncovering questions that had been ignored for years, while forcing people to relive the events of 12 years before.

I’m a big fan of Jane Harper. I love her use of imagery, which definitely makes you feel you’re right there in the middle of the story along with the characters. Her books are real slow-burns but I love the way the tension builds as the story reaches its conclusion.

This was a Book of the Month selection back in January 2021, and I’ve been trying to read all of those BOTM picks I never got to. I enjoyed this once it got going, and while I figured some of the plot out, there was still a surprise or two to be found.

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