Friday, September 30, 2022

Book Review: "The Feeling of Falling in Love" by Mason Deaver

Nothing can ruin your life like an “I love you.”

Neil and Josh are longtime best friends and currently friends with benefits. They’ve promised each other no strings, no feelings, just fun. And it seems to be working, until Josh tells Neil he loves him. Why did he have to go and ruin everything?

Of course, this happens just at the start of spring break, when Neil has to fly home to California and spend a week with his horrible family for his brother’s wedding. Josh was supposed to be his date, his buffer, and now that can’t happen.

Enter Wyatt, Neil’s roommate and the bane of his existence. Why does he always have to be so NICE all the time? Somehow, despite the fact that Neil doesn’t treat Wyatt all that well, he convinces him to fly home with him and pretend that they’re dating. Hopefully this will convince Josh, who also will be at the wedding, that there’s no chance of anything happening between them.

As the week unfolds, Wyatt realizes that Neil’s family is just as bad as advertised, which explains why Neil acts the way he does. And the more time they spend together, the more they start having feelings for one another. But of course, the truth about them is bound to come out…

I’m a big fan of Mason Deaver’s books, and the characters they create. There are diverse sexualities and ethnicities and it never feels forced or cookie-cutter. I’ll admit that Neil was a bit of a spoiled jerk at first, but like Wyatt, I understood why he was the way he was the more I read.

Love makes me happy.

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