Monday, September 5, 2022

Book Review: "The Truth about Ben and June" by Alex Kiester

Ben's wife disappeared. Why? Where did she go?

Ben wakes up one morning to the cries of his infant son, Mikey. He’s a little surprised that his wife, June, hasn’t gone to console the baby, but he gets up to take care of him. And then he realizes that June is nowhere to be found.

He can’t seem to remember whether she had an appointment that she might have told him about. But the more he looks around, he realizes her car is still at the house, the freezer and refrigerator are fully stocked, and her suitcase is gone. She left them, apparently, but where did she go? And why?

As Ben tries to figure out where June might have gone, he starts to think about their marriage, and the stresses of parenthood. The more he digs, the more he finds out about June that he never knew, secrets she kept from him and her friends. Can he find her and convince her to come back?

The Truth about Ben and June was an interesting story, told in alternating perspectives, so you can see how each saw the same incidents. Alex Kiester did a great job in showing the effects of postpartum depression and dealing with the way your life changes after you have a child.

While the concept of the story was interesting, however, I never felt fully immersed. You can’t win them all!!

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