Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Review: "Tempest" by Julie Cross

Jackson Meyer is your typical rich college kid, spending time with his girlfriend, Holly, skipping class when he can, and dealing with a difficult relationship with his workaholic father. Everything about Jackson is typical except for the fact that he's a time traveler. He can't go too far into the past or the future, and is just beginning to understand the limitations of his time traveling abilities with his best friend, Adam, the only person who knows the truth.

One day armed intruders break into Holly's dorm room determined to capture Jackson; in a struggle, Holly is shot. In a panic, Jackson jumps back two years, to 2007, but then he finds he's stuck and can't get back to 2009 to save Holly. So he decides to settle in 2007, get to understand his abilities, and try to befriend Holly, in the hopes he can change history and save her. But the more time he spends trying to understand time travel, the more secrets he uncovers, along with a group of people called the "Enemies of Time," who want to enlist Jackson in their work—or they'll kill him.

I really, really enjoyed this book. I raced through it—finished nearly the entire book in one day—and was immediately captivated by this story of a teenager unsure of his abilities, one whose life has been utterly turned upside down, and the girl he is determined to protect—even from himself. This book has great characters, a terrifically compelling plot, and fascinating action; in my opinion, its only flaw is the complex genesis of Jackson's abilities, the people who have been tracking him and others like him, and the so-called "Enemies of Time." I had a little trouble keeping track of certain characters' motivations and what their places were in the plot, so I found that a bit jarring from time to time. But beyond that, I thought this story of star-crossed (and time-crossed) lovers was really memorable, and I can't believe Julie Cross is going to make me wait until 2013 to find out what happens next!

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