Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl, super commercials?

Well, we survived another Super Bowl. And despite the fact that I can't stand either the New York Giants or the New England Patriots, it was a pretty terrific game, which honestly came down to the last seconds. (Of course, if you ask Giants fans, they had the Patriots on the ropes the entire time, despite the fact that they only won by 4 points. But never mind.)

Of course, there was yet another halftime controversy, which sadly has taken the focus off of an enjoyable performance from Madonna. (Truthfully, I didn't even notice but it apparently scarred lots of conservative television viewers. As a friend said on Twitter, "Dear MIA: I too would give the middle finger to self-righteous and puritanical Americans who get huffy over the middle finger.")

For a not-quite-football-fan, the highlight of the Super Bowl is usually the commercials. But in this age of YouTube, many of the commercials were leaked prior to the game, thus dampening their effect. Still, here are some of the highlights for me:

Doritos had easily one of the best commercials last year, and they did it again this year, with a look at one dastardly dog.

Attention, Audi owners: Your car's headlights are deadly to vampires. At first I thought this commercial would be a spoof of Twilight or True Blood, but it was just fun.

I don't watch The Voice, but I really enjoyed this promo for its post-game season premiere. Looks like the producers realized everything is better with a little Betty White.

Kudos to Bud Light for a fun commercial that also raised awareness of rescue dogs:

And while the commercial didn't wow me, Vanessa Williams is wonderful in everything. Even enrobed in chocolate.

I know it's probably unpatriotic, but I wasn't completely moved by Chrysler's Clint Eastwood spot, "It's Halftime in America," although I kept expecting Eminem to show up.

I was much more excited by the concept of Matthew Broderick's return as Ferris Bueller than I was with the actual commercial. (The extended version is definitely better.)

And I'll admit that the inspirational story of the new VW Beetle encouraging a dog to get into shape made me think twice about grabbing the tortilla chips last night.

For me, the biggest clunkers were Kia's "Mr. Sandman" spot, Chevy Silverado's take on the apocalypse (although kudos for Barry Manilow), and the always-ubiquitous but never-impressive (at least to me) GoDaddy commercials.

What did you think? Any commercials that you considered best, or worst, in show?

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