Saturday, December 28, 2019

Book Review: "Love & Luck" by Jenna Evans Welch

There’s nothing like the beauty of Ireland and some chaotic travel to help ease the pain of a heartbreak!

In Love & Luck, Addie has just suffered a major heartbreak and betrayal for the first time, and what’s worse is, her older brother Ian knows about it, and it’s not long before others do, too. But she and her family are in Ireland for her aunt’s destination wedding so Addie just wants to pretend it never happened—for now.

Ian keeps urging, even threatening, Addie to tell their mother what happened before it’s too late. His nagging reminders push Addie to her breaking point, a fistfight during their aunt’s wedding. Their mother is mortified and angry, and gives the siblings an ultimatum: they can still take their planned trip to Italy to see Addie’s best friend, but if she hears anything about their fighting or arguing, they’ll have to quit their sport teams when they return home.

So with that plan in mind, how is it that instead of Italy Addie is driving around Ireland in a dilapidated car with Ian and Rowan, Ian’s (handsome) Irish friend? Will the copy of Ireland for the Heartbroken that she took from the hotel library and Rowan’s presence help her recover?

"You opened this book because your heart was broken and you wanted it fixed. But that was never the cosmic plan. Hell, it was never my plan. Hearts break open until they stay open. It's what they were made to do. The pain? It's part of the deal. A small exchange for the wild, joyful mess you'll be handed in return."

This was a sweet and charming book, and it definitely entertained me. The whole plot line with Addie’s secret was dragged out a little too long for me, but I really enjoy the way Jenna Evans Welch writes and the characters she creates. Her first book in this series, Love & Gelato, really was terrific, and I'm eagerly awaiting the third book, Love & Olives.

Side effect of reading this book: I want to go to Ireland now!!

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