Friday, December 6, 2019

Book Review: "We Met in December" by Rosie Curtis

Rosie Curtis' We Met in December was a cute rom-com that almost felt like a Hallmark movie (in a good way).

"The trouble with me is I've always been a daydreamer. Always been a sucker for a romantic film, always loved a book with a good old-fashioned happy ever after ending."

Jess is embarking on a new adventure in her life. She’s moved away from her hometown to London, leaving her beloved grandmother and her melodramatic mother, to pursue a dream job in publishing and live in a group house in Notting Hill, for far less rent than she should pay, since the house is owned by her friend Becky.

When she meets Becky’s other housemates, she is immediately attracted to Alex, a handsome man who ditched a successful career as a lawyer to train as a nurse. But even though the mere sight of him makes her insides feel fizzy, Becky has a strict no-relationships policy in the house. Jess moves into the house after the holidays only to discover that Alex seems to be having a dalliance with Emma, another of their housemates. While she is sad about losing her (unrealistic) chance with the man of her dreams, she’s content to let their friendship grow.

As she tries to get hold of her new job and fend off her best friends’ attempts to set her up, she wishes Alex were available. But every time it seems he might be, complications ensue. Should she wait forever for something that probably won’t happen, or should she try and find someone for her? Will she find someone who catches her fancy and her heart more than Alex does?

We Met in December is narrated by both Jess and Alex. If you’ve read any rom-coms you know what will happen, but that doesn’t take away from the book’s charm. The whole friends-to-lovers theme is enjoyable and the characters are fun and memorable.

But while the spark between Jess and Alex was definitely evident, this book didn’t quite wow me as much as I had hoped. Those who shy away from steamy romance will find this book a good departure, as there's romance but no sex scenes. It’s definitely sweet and fun, though, and I know others have loved it.

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