Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Book Review: "Fence Vol. 1" by C.S. Pacat, Johanna the Mad, and Joana LaFuente

Who knew there could be this much drama in fencing?

Nicholas dreams of becoming a fencing champion. Despite natural ability, he’s never had the opportunity to train properly or learn the right skills and strategies to succeed, but the fire of his determination fuels him on.

When he encounters teen sensation Seiji Katayama, he longs to make his mark so that the champion will notice his talent, but the match doesn’t go well, and Seiji dismisses him as a zero.

The two meet up again when Nicholas gets a scholarship to the prestigious King’s Row School and he must fight for a place on the fencing team against Seiji, who has nothing but disdain for him and anyone who dares challenge him.

Along the way there are rivalries, romances (one-sided ones, mostly), and challenges, as the entire team fights for their slots. Will Nicholas get out of his head and fence the way he truly can? Will Seiji face humility? Will dreamy Aiden get his comeuppance from all the boys he loves and discards?

This was a fun, tremendously well-drawn graphic novel which was mostly a set-up for future volumes. I’m totally hooked, though, so I’ll be ordering the next few volumes quickly, because I don’t like to be left hanging!

Definitely a quick, enjoyable read.

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