Saturday, March 7, 2020

Book Review: "Journey: A Novel" by Andrew Zimmerman

What a tremendously thought-provoking read!

I’m honored to participate on the blog tour for this book, and thank Get Red PR, Radius Book Group, and Andy Zimmerman for advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review!

Paul is driven, a workaholic, on a path to become the CEO of an immense technology company. You’ve seen his type before—always on conference calls or emails, barely listening to a word anyone around him says, neglecting his needy wife and teenage son.

When talking with some friends visiting from the English town of Glastonbury—a mystical mecca of sorts—he learns of a woman working as a soul reader. According to Paul’s friend, this woman’s work has greatly affected others’ lives. Although he usually has disdain for the spiritual "woo woo" world, he is intrigued by the idea of having his soul read.

His encounter with Cynthia, the soul reader, changes him. He starts to recognize the value of slowing down, nurturing his soul, appreciating his wife and children more. But he doesn’t do it at the expense of his job—he just tries to shift his priorities as much as possible in the midst of the pressure.

As his awakening of sorts continues he makes some fascinating discoveries about himself and his life, and his wife both enjoys and feels threatened by his new path.

Can you achieve spiritual satisfaction simultaneously with happiness in your personal and professional life? Does making yourself vulnerable always signify weakness?

I’m not much into the spiritual world but I found this to be a quick, thought-provoking read which definitely has me re-evaluating my priorities a bit.

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