Friday, January 15, 2021

Book Review: "Burn It All Down" by Nicolas DiDomizio

Nicolas DiDomizio's debut novel, Burn It All Down, is a wacky, funny, moving book about our self-destructive behaviors.

Joey, an 18-year-old aspiring comic, is devastated and angry when he finds out his boyfriend Luke has been cheating on him. He was even planning to go to the same college as Luke. Depressed, unsure of what his future holds, and feeling he's destined to be unloved forever, Joey turns to the one person who understands better than anyone—his 34-year-old mother and best friend, Gia, who had him when she was 16.

When Gia’s latest relationship falls apart the next day—no surprise given that she and her son are addicted to toxic men—they’re both angry and hurt. After a night of revenge (and lots of wine) gets way out of control and turns seriously destructive, they must flee New Jersey and go on the lam.

When they wind up hiding out at the house of one of Gia’s exes—perhaps the most stable relationship she'd ever had—Joey and Gia realize their lives have gotten totally out of control and they need to figure out why they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Billed as "Gilmore Girls meets Thelma and Louise," Burn It All Down is a funny, outrageous story about a fierce relationship between mother and son. And as much as it made me laugh and made me wonder just how much crazier the story might get, it was emotional as well. We'd all be lucky to have a mom in our corner like Gia, even if she is a bit of a hot mess!

It was great being on the blog tour for this book. Jimmy Patterson Books and Storygram Tours provided me with a complimentary advance copy in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!

Burn It All Down publishes 5/25/2021.

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