Saturday, October 9, 2021

Book Review: "In Another Light" by A.J. Banner

A.J. Banner's new thriller, In Another Light, asks, how well do we really know those we love?

Phoebe has been trying to pull her life back together since a tragic accident killed her husband, but it’s not easy. She keeps some semblance of normalcy by continuing her work as a cosmetologist at a mortuary, where she helps grieving families get one last bit of comfort before saying goodbye to their loved ones.

She is rocked when the latest body to arrive at the mortuary is a young woman who could be her twin—and she has a distinctive tattoo Phoebe remembers seeing before. But stranger than that, the woman has a picture of Phoebe among her personal effects.

Who is this doppelgänger? Why did she come to town, and what did she want? Phoebe is determined to get answers, but they make take her down some paths she doesn’t want to explore, and her investigation threatens to jeopardize her own life and her own already-tenuous grip on reality.

I got hooked pretty quickly on this. Banner definitely threw some twists and turns into the story, and while ultimately I had a feeling what would happen, I also suspected a lot of crazy things that didn’t happen, so even a stopped clock is right twice a day, lol.

What I liked about In Another Light was that, while obviously some things were exaggerated, grief does make people do crazy things, so you could see some of this story actually happening. This was a good thriller to curl up with for a bit!

Thanks to Get Red PR Books and Lake Union Publishing for a complimentary advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review!!

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