Sunday, July 10, 2022

Book Review: "Kaleidoscope" by Cecily Wong

This is a poignant story of family dynamics, secrets, and grief.

Hank and Karen Brighton owned an organic grocery store in Oregon until they’re inspired to start selling clothes and goods from India and other countries. It’s not long before they’ve created Kaleidoscope, which becomes a shopping empire, enticing wealthy people to explore the more exotic side of fashion, furnishings, and art.

Morgan, their oldest daughter, turns heads with her model-esque beauty, but her fashion savvy makes her the star of Kaleidoscope, even though she hasn’t graduated from college yet. And while her younger sister Riley finds it difficult to be in Morgan’s shadow, she also loves her sister fiercely.

When tragedy strikes the Brightons, combined with the economic collapse of the late 2000s, the family and the empire they’ve built threaten to collapse. Riley sets off on an international trip with a companion who raises eyebrows, and discovers herself—as well as some family secrets kept hidden.

This was an interesting book about family and grief and finding your own way. At times I found myself really immersed in the story but at other times I struggled to connect with the characters. It’s gotten a lot of rave reviews, though, so it may have just been me.

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