Monday, July 25, 2022

Book Review: "The Work Wife" by Alison B. Hart

Alison B. Hart's The Work Wife is a story about ambition, power, and what sacrifices you must make to fulfill your dreams.

When Zanne was struggling with her sexuality and addiction years ago, she never would’ve believed she’d land a job as a personal assistant to a powerful Hollywood couple, Ted and Holly Stabler. She’s exceptionally good at getting things done, solving crises and fulfilling the family’s often-ridiculous requests.

Tonight is a big fundraising party at the Stablers’ mansion in support of a charity. Zanne is hopeful that if the party is a success, she might get promoted to chief of staff, which would mean more money and the power she’s been craving.

If the party is going to succeed, Zanne and the team will have to contend with major chaos, from finding circus animals to dealing with a reporter stirring up scandal. But when Phoebe Lee, Ted’s former business partner, shows up, suddenly Zanne has to question if her unswerving loyalty to Ted and the family is worth sacrificing everything, including her happiness and her sense of right and wrong.

I love books about personal assistants to famous people and I love books about show business, but this one never really grabbed me. The pacing was quite slow and I felt like there were a lot of moving parts that didn’t quite mesh.

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