Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Book Review: "The Setup" by Lizzy Dent

She has a plan. Fate has other ideas.

Mara rarely makes a move without checking her star sign each day. But somehow she finds herself in Budapest, making an impromptu visit to a fortune teller. The woman tells Mara that she’ll meet the man of her dreams imminently, but something will need to be fixed before love can take hold.

After a chaotic end to her session, Mara gives into the temptation of trying on the fortune teller’s garb. And that’s when he walks in—Josef, an absolutely handsome cellist from Austria—who thinks she’s the fortune teller. So what else should she do except pretend to be that woman, and tell him his destiny will await him at a cafe in the small English town of Broadgate at the end of August. And the crowning piece of his “fortune” is that his destiny’s name is Mara.

Of course, that doesn’t give Mara much time to transform herself into the woman she believes Josef will want. And along the way she has to deal with work crises, feeling abandoned by her best friend, and a handsome housemate, who makes her question whether Josef is the right man for her after all. But she’ll need to gather all of her courage and self-confidence in order to figure out just what her true destiny is.

This was a fun romp, full of quirky characters and romance. Lizzy Dent writes really enjoyable stories, even if they’re a bit predictable.

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