Friday, November 19, 2010

What I'm Thankful For -- Day 19

The fact that Thanksgiving is in six days doesn't make me nearly as crazy as the thought I will no longer be able to go to Target or the mall after next Friday, unless I drug myself. But that's neither here nor there; let's get to the thankfulness!

Day 19
Tomorrow morning we head home to NJ for a week for the holidays. Actually, we're going to NYC tomorrow through Monday, to belatedly celebrate W's birthday with dinner and tickets to see Rock of Ages, and now apparently we're going to have an early celebration of my impending birthday with tickets to another show on Sunday evening. (I'm hoping for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson—I've always been fascinated by the presidents!)

Because we'll be in the city, we've had to leave Quinn behind, and she's staying at the doggie daycare facility for the week. And it is for that facility—A Dog's Day Out in Vienna, VA—for which I'm thankful today. Raising a puppy can be challenging, especially one like Quinn who requires infinitely more exercise than we can give her on a daily basis. She absolutely loves spending days there playing with the other dogs, and because it's a cage-free facility I know she won't be locked up for hours on end. (Truth be told, she's apparently been leading rebellions among her fellow dogs, teaching them to climb their cages so they don't have to stay in them during "time out.") In fact, mornings she doesn't go to daycare, she gets angry and storms around in her crate, banging her food and water dishes together to note her displeasure!

My previous dog, Zeke, hated being boarded, and never really enjoyed socializing with other dogs, so our vacations and holidays required having someone stay in the house with him, which always was difficult to find during the holidays. (Plus, I didn't enjoy having to shove everything in the spare bedroom closet so the dog sitter would have a place to sleep!) So I'm thankful Quinn enjoys "playing with the doggies" and doesn't punish us when we return home!

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